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Poetry about Political issues, anti-government, and similar shit..


"Something's always wrong"
Liberty my ass, fuck your social class
Ignoring people's cries
Fed up with all the goddamn lies
What the hell's going on
With freedom fries, and plain old guys
It makes no sense at all
What't wrong with this place
It's always the same message
same face
Yeah,we need something new
But there's always something wrong...
Hypocrites, yeah, fucking shit
Go on, go get yourself a life
Don’t take our money
To buy your fancy clothes
Don’t take our lives
To fight your fucking foes
Just get off our backs, or anarchy will soon ensue
And stab democracy with a knife
And leave its bloody heart for you
What’s wrong with this place?
Its always the same message
Same face, same race
We just need something new
Yeah fuck the system
A worn-out cliché
Overused and abused
But, fuck it, do it anyway.
What’s wrong with this place?
Its always the same message
Same face
We need something new
We just want something more from you
But you’re all just a bunch of low lives,scum
In some elaborate disgiuise
But you’re not fooling anyone
Cause we all know your name, your game
You make me fucking sick