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Unfinished Bits

Happy moon

Here are some unfinished bits and pieces of stuff floating around in that little brain of mine that i can't really figure out what to do with yet...
(None of them have titles or anything yet so thats why there's question marks in the beginning of each one...just thought i'd clue you in a bit :-D)
Coming to you live
Straight from Hollywood
Hope you're doing great
Hope you're doing good
Look inside and you will find
Happy thoughts in a thoughtless mind
Memories forgotten,memories found
Memories hidded,just floating around
Thoughts and dreams and hopes and fears
Gathered throughout all these years
I just need some closure
To keep me goin' on
I just need some closure
To keep me goin' strong
Don't you see the flashing lights
The pictures just for me?
Or are you that naively blind
That you can't seem to see?
Hollywood, home of the stars
Where money's not an option
Big homes and flashy cars
A new phenomenon adoption
Friends love
Friends lie
Friends live
Friends die

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