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...Poetry About Friends & Friendship...

*Lost Friendship*
What would you do
If your friend died a death
and it hit you so hard
that you couldn't forget?
And at the thought of they voice
you felt very weak
and at the sound of their name
you just couldn't speak
and you'd wake up at night
'cause you just couldn't sleep
because of the pain
so you'd sit there and weep
and the sight of their face
on a old photograph made you gasp
and you just couldnt hold in your grasp
that they were gone forever...
...Cheer Up Emo Kid...
Cheer up emo kid, its okay
It's just another shitty day
Come one emo kid,it'll be fine
It'll get better in no time
Get up emo kid,let's have some fun
Pretty pretty please,put down the gun
Sit up emo kid,you're not dead yet
It'll get better soon I bet
Go on emo kid, go out and play
Go out and greet the brand new day
Cheer up emo kid, its okay
Everything will be fine today.
^ I wasn't sure where to put that one so i just put it here, heehe^
That is all i got so far....i'll post more friendship poems later...as soon as i write some more that is...haha.