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...Poetry About Death,Suicide, & Pain...

*Miss Doom and Gloom*
There's Miss fucking Doom and Gloom
Hiding out deep in her room
In the corner, huddled up
all fed up, she's had enough
broken inside,she makes a fist
she grabs a knife, and slits her wrist.
There's miss fucking doom and gloom
Hiding out deep in her tomb
In the coffin, all wrapped up
all cut up, she's dead enough...
-Suicidal Conflict-
Death is after me
It's gonna get me
Not accidental
But suicidal
I dont give a fuck anymore take me away
Take me away right now, today
It's coming I can feel it
But I dont really give a shit
The fires of hell open up and swallow me
No turning back now, no way to get free
Eternity in a fiery horrible place
Pain and suffering seen on every face
The screams cause a chill that run down your spine
Lucky you, you must bear this for the rest of time
Then among the screams you find yourself as well
Your voice echoing deep inside the fires of hell
Still no escape you find yourself crying
No one has pity, no pity in hell for the dying
Forevermore torture and pain youll endure
All because you werent quite sure
You werent sure of how precious life was
And you through it away just because
Just because life wasnt so great at the time
You thought if u didnt do it youd lose your mind
There is no escape from suffering and pain
These 2 things are lifes nicknames
Suicide only makes it worse for those around you
Who have to feel the pain of you being gone too
No matter how you see it, suicide is wrong
If you do it youll have to accept the consequences for all eternity long

*Hell On Earth*
Life is hell
You think its pretty great in a nutshell
Its not all that great at this point and state
Sometimes its so bad you feel like u wanna scream
You think you know what I mean
But really u have no idea
Arent you gonna ditch me again? Go ahead, see ya
I dont really care
Ill just go upstairs
Maybe thatll make you happy
Ill just stay sad and sappy
It really sucks when you feel like nobody has a care
When no one will pull out their hair
Just to make u fell a little better
No one will make u a birthday letter
No one will care if you run away
They will just say
hey where did she go?
Oh well, who knows?
Then just forget all about you
No one will feel sad or blue
No one gives a shit cant you see
Nobody cares about little ol me
Well this isnt a big deal
I mean who cares its just how I feel
-Lovely Suicide-
I thought you loved me
I guess that was a lie
I thought wed be happy
But I feel like I want to die
To you it may sound dumb
And way over the top
But my heart is broken and numb
And I want this feeling to stop
What better way than death
To ease all of my pain
As I take my final breath
I think of all my toil and strain
The problems I couldnt overcome
All the people I have caused hurt
And all the bad things Ive done
All is fixed with my blood soaked shirt
Time To go time to die
Before I go, before I depart
I say my final good-bye
From whats left of my heart

*Move On*
Suicide is in my mind, constantly
I dont have the guts to do it, sadly
If I could Id do it in a second, quickly
I have to move on, although unwillingly

I want to but I just cant give up now
Cant give up, na uh, no way no how

I must stay strong cant weep, cant cry
I must forget the pain, must forget the lie
Some pain is gone as I look up at the sky
A peaceful image helps me forget, not sure why

Only one person can fix my problem, wonder who
Guess what, that person just happens to be you

I need you, will you hear my desperate plea
Will you please, pretty please just help me
Who am I kidding? This will never ever be
Its over, help me to realize that, help me to see

I need to change, I cannot keep living this way
But I cant help it, I think about you everyday
We wont happen, I can only hope and pray
Now I dont know what else I can possibly say

I really need to let you and I move on
I move on singing this sorrowful song

I hope youre happy, much luck to you
In finding a love that is better and new
A love that is real, honest, and true
I am so truly sorry I ever loved you

-The Phone Call-
I asked you to call...you didnt even bother
I thought that we were made for one another
I dont understand...How can this be true
Now I dont know if I can believe in you
Do you really love me? are we just a lie?
Why would you want to hurt me? Why?
I feel confused abandoned and alone
All cause you couldnt pick up the phone
You just couldnt go out of your way
You couldnt do it just to make my day
You couldve made my day a good one
Maybe our conversation could've been fun
What am I saying? why would you care?
Who cares...I mean it's only little ol' me
My importance is the size of a small pea
No one should care..no one should mind
Or have feelings for me at all of any kind
Maybe I am just overreacting just like before
I am not even sure about how I feel anymore
Is it just my insecurity taking over my life?
It that what makes me want to grab a knife?
What can it be? Maybe it's my paranoia...
I will just go die now...nice to know ya
This is where I will draw the final line
So excuse me while, I end my pointless life...