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...A Few Poems about...
...Love & Heartbreak...


-Sometimes I love you, just isn't enough-
You hurt me with your words
And scar my soul with marks of pain
And continue to harm me
Once again and again

I try to forgive you
Forget and move on
But these feelings of deceit
Are simply too strong

3 words wont solve the problem
Although it would be great
But, it simply is unreal
So don't say it, just wait

Cause sometimes I love you
Just isn't enough..

I cry a single tear of sorrow
That flows from my eye
Rolling down my cheek
Like rain from the sky

Soon the single tear
Turns into much more
The ache is overwhelming
My heart falls to the floor

I cannot control it
They come and they go
And sometimes the tears
Seem to just overflow.

3 words wont solve the problem
Although it would be great
But, it simply is unreal
So don’t say it, just wait

Cause sometimes I love you,
Just isn't enough...
-True Love-
I knew I was in love
When I first met you
Since then my wish of
You feeling the same too
My plea you have now heard
Yes, my wish is coming true
My prayer is finally answered
All thanks to you
All at once I am nervous and happy
When Im with you theres no time to feel crappy
My pain is gone when youre around
To me your voice is the sweetest sound
Now all I think about is you
And all the happiness you put me through
You make me feel great
But is our love real or is it fake?
Will you hurt me
Just like the rest?
Or am I special?
This love must be put to the test!

I kinda always knew Id end your ex-girl friend
I hope I hold a special place w/ the rest of them
you broke my heart
my world is gonna fall apart
did u really love me?
did u really care?
was our love real?
I dont know what to feel
should I be sad and cry?
should ultimately want to die?
Did u ever love me or was it a lie
if it was a lie why did u do it? why?!
My heart was crushed the day u left me
I thought u loved me how can this be?
Ill never be the same again
you can never be just a friend
Ill always love u w/ all my heart
and nothing should've tore us apart
-An Endless Love That Ends-
A Love once felt disappears with the day
I am confused, not sure what exactly to say
Time I guess to move on, just like before
I am not sure I can take it much more
My heart cant handle being broken
I gave you my heart, I gave you a token
A token of my love, you threw it back at me
But not like it was before, Its different you see
It has been stomped on, broken ,and crushed
I dont know what to think, maybe this love was rushed
Maybe you were not exactly positive how you felt
Who knows, Maybe The wrong cards were dealt
I dont know anymore, Im not quite sure
Why cant things be just like they once were?
But now I can not change a damn thing
I have fucked up, I fucked up everything
Now well never be together, never an us
I messed up again, I missed the love bus
Now I need to move on, as do you
I wish you luck and happiness too


*Just For You*
Life was hell before I met you
With your help I made it through
Everything seemed to be going wrong
And then you suddenly came along
My prince charming, my true love
It was as if God sent you from above
Like he sent you down especially for me
As if he knew how happy we would be
Ill always be there for you
And my love will always be true
I loved you yesterday, I love you today
Ill love you the next day the same way
Ill love you even more tomorrow
Through both happiness and sorrow
Never forget me and Ill never forget you
And all the happiness you have put me through
-Lost Love-
Its over, I dont have a chance, I know that now
But I cant forget you tell me how
It didnt work out, it will never work out
This makes me feel like I want to shout
I liked you for the longest time
But I know now youll never be mine
I feel so sad and so blue
I wish I had never even told you
You said lets just be friends
I dont know if my heart will mend
Will I ever forget you?
I dont need to think it through
Ill forget you..not!
Of course not
Im sorry for all I have put you through
But I thought that I loved you



*Pink Love*
I love his laugh, I love when he smiles
Just to see him, I would walk for miles
I love it when he tells me he loves me
My heart was once locked, and he had the key
I love the fact that we are made for each other
We will always have love for one another
I love the fact that he is so kind and sweet
A lovely thing from him is said whenever we meet
I love it when he gets all shaky and shy
But hate it when we have to say good bye
I love everything he does and everything he is
He is mine, and my heart will forever be his
-You & I: Past, present, future-
You looked into my eyes
You turned to me and cried
You've murdered all my hopes
You've slaughtered all my dreams
You'll lose control and go wild
You'll crush my inner child
I told you to go away
I said don't bother me today 
I've lost you now for sure
I've got no use for you no more
I'll forget all that I wanted to
I'll move on and won't remember you...




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