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It all started a long long time ago. I was young, naive, and full of ideas. This website came to me as a dream, a vision. I knew it could only be fate that brought about this  website and that's exactly what it was. This is my calling in life, what I was born to do, what I am here  on this earth for...ok ok I'm just messing. Got ya though didn't I? Ok, truth is I made this shithole of a site around 2003/2004 (i think). I only made it b/c I was bored no visions, no fate, BOREDUM...yes this is what boredom does to me. Hopefully my boredum has brought about something that you all can enjoy.
Thanks for visiting. Show some love in the guestbook, people!


DISCLAIMER:I am NOT the walrus.
I am in no way related to Ringo Starr or ANY of the Beatles, nor do I know them or have ever met them...although I would like to. ^.^
This is not an official site, 'tis merely a fan site (and an 'effin awesome one at that!) 
So don't sue me...haha. wtf am I talking about?...haha, I'm insane, i'm sorry! The point is, I am not the walrus!

Thanks...I bid you good day!